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Lyle Neville

Plyo Boxes

PLYO BOXES measure 20" X 24" X 30". Built to last and comfortable handles. $120 each. "Half boxes also available in 20" X 12" X 30" $100 each.

Training Plates

TRAINING PLATES get the bar off the ground with minimal weight added. Save your 10# and 15# bumpers from premature failure. $30 per pair.

Plate Dollies

PLATE DOLLIES keep your bumpers organized. Remove the spindle for easy dispensing and return it to make a tidy stack. $100 each.

Jerk Blocks

JERK BLOCKS have a 24" X 32" landing pad, comfortable handles, and stack together for lots of height options. Six and twelve inch blocks. $120 each. Full set ($800) includes six 12-inch blocks and two 6-inch block. Each individual block can function as a stand alone pull block. Also, stack them together for a safe max effort box jump...stable stack and rounded edges.


BENCHES come in standard 17" height and 40" lengths. Super sturdy and they look cool! $150 each.


PARALLETTES are made with schedule 80 pvc for strength and longevity. $100 per pair.


CUBBIES keep personal gear organized and off the ground. Each unit includes three cubbies and units stack together for infinite possibilities. $50 per unit.

Barbell Racks

BARBELL RACKS can be designed with two to twelve ports per rack. $20 per port.

Custom Install

CUSTOM GARAGE INSTALLS. Let us help you turn your garage into a world-class training facility! Pricing varies. Free in-house quotes.

OPENING A BOX FOR AN AFFILIATE OR AT WORK? Let us help you put together your world-class training facility. Free in-house quotes.

For orders or questions, contact Lyle Neville,, 503-575-0851